New needs, new policies, new use of space. How we live, work, and play is changing like we’ve never seen before.

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Just how much are our places and spaces evolving to meet new needs?

What do you need to know about the future of your favorite commercial real estate locations?

Changing Places, sponsored by Avison Young, is a podcast about the way our relationship with the built environment is evolving. It’s about what lies at the intersection of people meets place, today and into the near future.

Join journalist Mariam Sobh for weekly conversations with leaders from the architecture, design, and commercial real estate sectors, as well as artists, planners, community voices and others who bring our key places and spaces to life.

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Meet our host: Mariam Sobh

Mariam Sobh is an award-winning journalist and host of the daily talk show “All IN.” She’s also a writer and comedian and has performed at various festivals including the Burbank Comedy Festival, Detroit Women’s Comedy Festival, and the NBC Breakout Fest at the Second City. When she’s not chasing down guests or coming up with jokes, she enjoys finding a good book to get lost in.

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Episode 1

The new office
What happens when work from home meets office culture?

Featured guests: Sheila Botting and James Porter

In this episode of Changing Places, host Mariam Sobh talks to Sheila Botting and James Porter as we explore what happens when work from home meets office culture, something many of us have had to contend with for almost two years. And, if eighty percent of workers want to continue working at home in some capacity, what does it really mean for the future of the office?

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Episode 2

Dynamic retail experiences
The future of retail or one-offs for brands?

Featured guests: Stan Yoshihara and Jeff Doud

Host Mariam Sobh talks with Jeff Doud and Stan Yoshihara about the world of dynamic retail experiences. From visiting Little Tokyo, where the dynamic experience is baked into its DNA, to the AT&T store at 1 Powell Street in San Francisco, where the dynamic experience was created with intention, no two experiences are the same in the world of dynamic retail experiences.

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Episode 3

Desiging a modern stadium
How LA’s SoFi Stadium is changing the game

Featured guests: Gerard McCallum and Mia Lehrer

Host Mariam Sobh talks with developer Gerard McCallum and landscape architect Mia Lehrer. Explore what happens when empty lots and vacant land are turned into the most technologically advanced sports stadium and urban complex in the world: SoFi Stadium.

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Episode 4

Reopening night
New audience expectations… but the show must go on

Featured guests: James Williams and Chris Dumas

Host Mariam Sobh talks with theatre CEO James Williams and arts and culture space strategist Chris Dumas on what happens now as theaters across London’s West End re-open after one of the longest mass closures in history. As we return to our seats, what has changed, what remains the same and what can we expect from live shows in the years to come?

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