Julian Adams

GIS Practice and Product Lead
Global Services

  • Washington, DC
  • 2001 K Street NW
  • Suite 200 North
  • Washington, DC 20006 United States

Julian Adams is the GIS Practice and Product lead for Avison Young’s Global Innovation team. He joined Avison Young in December 2019 where he will focus on developing tools and services that leverage the power of data and geospatial analytics to create mapping visualizations and tools to optimize efficiency and understanding around real estate markets for Avison Young’s clients.

Prior to Avison Young, Julian worked at Capital One where he leveraged geospatial analytics to perform rigorous customer, demographic and financial analysis for market entry and site selection due diligence. He also managed existing and explored new data products that augmented Capital One’s real estate strategy. Julian began his career at JLL in 2014 where he assisted in the development of geospatial site selection web applications. He also led GIS capabilities across the Washington, DC metro region for retail, office, and industrial clients.

Julian holds a B.S. in Geospatial Science from Radford University and a M.S. in Analytics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.