Erin Johnston M.I.M.A

Senior Vice President, Property Tax Services
Taxes et services fonciers

  • Ottawa
  • 45 O'Connor Street
  • Suite 800
  • Ottawa, ON K1P 1A4 Canada

Erin boasts an impressive career spanning more than two decades in property assessment and taxation across both private and public sectors. Her unwavering dedication to fairness and professionalism drives her to leverage her expertise, consistently optimizing financial outcomes for her valued clients.

Throughout her career, Erin has assumed pivotal roles within property tax associations, presently serving as the 3rd Vice President at the Institute of Municipal Assessors. Her active involvement in these esteemed organizations has expanded her comprehension of assessment and cultivated a robust and far-reaching professional network.

Erin's innate ability to connect with people shines through as she takes great pleasure in educating colleagues, clients, and the general public on the intricacies of property assessment and taxation. Her passion often leads her to speaking engagements at industry events, where she zeroes in on pressing topics like the Canadian housing crisis and the imperative need for equity in affordable housing assessment.

Notably, Erin boasts a stellar track record of mitigating assessment and tax liabilities for a diverse spectrum of asset types. She believes in the power of collaborative teamwork, diligently pursuing the best results and cost savings for her clientele. In her field, particularly within the domains of multi-family housing, shopping centers, retail, office, new construction/asset conversion, and tax allocations, Erin commands immense respect and recognition. Both the Assessment Review Board and her peers acknowledge her as an esteemed expert.

Erin's enduring commitment to challenging industry norms is unmistakable. She consistently strives to refine valuation methods and elevate educational standards. Erin eagerly anticipates the opportunity to contribute her vast knowledge, invaluable experiences, and versatile skill set to the Avison Young team.