Amit Grover


  • Edmonton
  • Suite 2100
  • 10111 – 104 Avenue
  • Edmonton, AB T5J 0J4 Canada

Amit is a Commercial Real Estate Broker that has been specializing in multi-family apartment sales for nearly 20 years. He has seen and followed many trends over the years: the condo conversion boom of 2006, the emergence of suburban wood frame development in 2014 to the rapid increase in interest rates that we're experiencing today. He has facilitated transactions of all sizes for the largest private and institutional multifamily owners across Canada. Amit and his team take great pride in their ability to service the entire development lifecycle from land acquisition to the sale of a fully stabilized apartment asset.

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Bonnie Doon Manor
9107 - 88 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6C 1M2
Multifamily For Sale
Whitestone Manor
10030 - 153 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5P 2B2
Multifamily For Sale
Carnegie Apartments
10738 - 108 STREET NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 3A3
Multifamily For Sale
MacEwan Greens
6201 Grant MacEwan Blvd
Leduc, AB T9E0K8
Multifamily For Sale
Devonshire Apartments
10018 112 Street
Edmonton, AB T5K 1L9
Multifamily For Sale
Amherst Apartments
11935 - 103 STREET NW
Edmonton, AB T5G2J4
Multifamily For Sale
8604 - 128 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5E 0G2
Multifamily For Sale
University Student Housing Portfolio
10706/10813 - 85 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB
Multifamily For Sale
Westview Manor
4302C - 43 Street
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1M7
Multifamily For Sale
Strathearn Multifamily Land
9409 - 91 Street
Edmonton, AB T6C 3P3
Land For Sale
Jasper Gardens RA8 Site
10041 - 153 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5P 2B1
Land For Sale
College Plaza
11908 - 105 Street
Edmonton, AB T5G 2N3
Multifamily For Sale
Louvre at Century Park
11025 - 26 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6J 5V3
Multifamily For Sale
Windsor Estates
18175 - 96 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5T 2Z2
Multifamily For Sale
142 Street Site
10414 142 Street
Edmonton, AB T5N 2P2
Land For Sale
Grasslands Apartments
5008 - 49 Avenue
Grasslands, AB T0A 1V0
Multifamily For Sale
Woodcroft Site
13512/13530 115 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5M 3A8
Land For Sale
Central Tower
2610 - 109 Street
Edmonton, AB T6J 3T1
Multifamily For Sale
Dauk Commons at Stadium Yards
8455 - 106a Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 0X4
Multifamily For Sale
Regal Arms
11927 - 106 Street
Edmonton, AB T5G 2R4
Multifamily For Sale
High Pointe at Clareview
Manning Drive & 144 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5Y 0G3
Land For Sale
Carlton RA7 Multifamily Land
15709-139 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6V 0C6
Land For Sale
Victoria Place
10310 - 102 Avenue
Lac La Biche, AB T0A 2C2
Multifamily For Sale
Muttart Manor
10945 - 84 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 1M5
Multifamily For Sale
Kensington Court
11810 - 129 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5L 1G4
Multifamily For Sale
Eagle's Nest Apartments
121 Timber Lane
Hinton, AB T7V 2B6
Multifamily For Sale
Carrie Ann Manor
10024 - 154 Street
Edmonton, AB T5P 2G9
Multifamily For Sale
Robin Manor
10629 - 114 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 3J8
Multifamily For Sale
Attwood Apartments
11214-116 Street
Edmonton, AB T5G 2W1
Multifamily For Sale
High Gears Touchless Carwash
9806 - 99 Avenue
Lac La Biche, AB T0A 2C0
Special Purpose For Sale
St. Anthony Resource Centre
10425 - 84 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6E 2H3
Land For Sale