Project management case studies for commercial real estate properties

Gregory Commons

  • Localisation: Weekhawken, NJ
  • Dimensions: 240,000 sf
Avison Young was retained to help close out Phase 1 of their project which includes a full window replacement of approximately 177 luxury condos and to manage Phase 2 of their work which is scheduled to begin in 2020.
Phase 2 projects include a full elevator modernization of all elevators on site, full renovation of their exterior plaza, full façade restoration on all three buildings and a refresh of the interior corridors of the 1st floor of all three buildings.
The elevator modernization scope includes all new finishes, new jack assembly, and new wiring and electronics for the four passenger elevators.
The exterior plaza project was brought upon due to the failing existing conditions in the waterproofing, concrete and brick planters causing water to seep through the plaza and pool in the parking lot below – the new project comprises of removing the existing failing stamped concrete, pavers, and planter boxes in the plaza area and providing new waterproofing, new stamped concrete finishes, new planter boxes, and new stairs.
The façade restoration was brought upon due to the failure of the existing façade system which as cracks and penetrations that allow water to get into the building – the new façade restoration will include providing all new facade systems at all three buildings.
The final project of Phase 2 includes renovation to the interior corridors with new paint, architectural finishes, and light fixtures to refresh the existing conditions.
Phase 2 has been started in 2020 and is estimated to be completed in 2022.