Flexible Solutions for the Entire Office Economy

Avison Young’s Flexible Office Solutions (FOS) is a vertically integrated team supporting enterprise occupiers, institutional owners, & flexible operators via advisory and transactional services. Our team of flex specialists are committed to an advisory-first, service-driven model, allowing us to maintain a fiduciary role for our clients. Through our process we help define, create & implement a Core + Flex portfolio management strategy without bias or conflict. This agnostic position allows us to leverage the entire flexible office economy, layering in strategic PropTech & Space as a Service support partners available in the market today to deliver bespoke solutions.


Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional

Commercial real estate is changing. We’ve only just begun to witness the immense transformation that is coming at the helm of mass digitization, globalization, and an increasingly mobile workforce. How, when, and where we work is evolving. Business cycles are shorter. Innovation is at a premium. Space utilization and workplace strategy are in a constant state of flux. Talent has new demands to support work/life integration, and employers are being challenged to identify talent in specific geographies. All in all, CRE cannot sustain itself by working off the traditional brokerage model.

Thus, since 2010, flex office, co-working spaces, and PropTech have emerged as integral components to the 21st century CRE market, and it will undoubtedly continue to evolve in the wake of COVID-19. In the past few years alone, new products, services, and offerings have materialized, solidifying the intersection between our work environments with technology, hospitality, efficiency, and collaboration. The industry professionals that make up Avison Young’s FOS team understand the dynamics of this ever-evolving flexible workspace sector, and they will ensure you’re provided with the knowledge you need to make informed, forward-thinking decisions.

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Occupier Flex Solutions

  • Creation of Client Flex Policies
  • Define and Execute Client’s Flex Strategy
  • Advise on Global Flex MSAs
  • Individual Transactions
  • Analyze existing portfolio to strategically leverage flex where appropriate
  • Provide Proactive assessment of existing/future agreements
  • Assist in locating & securing flexible solutions (coworking, executive suites, agile suites, virtual offices, etc)

Institutional Owner Solutions

  • Advise on Flex Contracts
  • Administer Flex Operator Selection
  • Advise on Construction of Optimal Flex Space
  • Create Flex Strategy for Building Acquisitions
  • Provide Strategic Advice for Leasing Strategy
  • Provide Strategic Advice for Core + Flex asset management Strategy

Operator Flex Solutions

  • Advise on different contractual agreements
  • Occupier solutions / Tenant mix
  • Marketing assistance
  • Operations assistance
  • Location analysis
  • Competitor analysis
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FOS State of Flex Content

Considerations for Occupiers, Operators and Owners

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Can Occupiers, Operators and Owners Look Too Far Into the Future?

While it is too early to predict the exact nature and duration of its long-term impact, there are certain areas that occupiers, operators and owners might consider to prepare for the longer-term impacts in 2021 and beyond.

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Key Contacts

Charlie Morris

    • Associé
    • Représentation de locataires
    • Flexible Solutions
[email protected]

Joshua Beer

    • Senior Consultant (Occupier Solutions)
    • Flexible Solutions
[email protected]

Jillian Brown

    • Senior Consultant (Occupier Solutions)
    • Flexible Solutions
[email protected]

Giovanni Palavicini

    • Principal (Operator & Owner Solutions)
    • Flexible Solutions
[email protected]

Michael Kloppenburg

    • Senior Consultant (Owner Solutions)
    • Workplace Solutions
    • Flexible Solutions
[email protected]

Mike Gross

    • Consultant (Occupier Solutions)
    • Flexible Solutions
[email protected]

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