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Real estate solutions aligned with your unique mission

Nonprofits and associations have unique real estate drivers and needs. Our goal is to achieve a real estate solution for nonprofits and associations that aligns with, reflects and strengthens your mission. We work to protect your time and ensure that our process is inclusive of the key stakeholders – your Board, staff, donors, members and communities.

We understand what it takes to craft and manage a thoughtful and diligent process that reflects the distinctive attributes of organizations like yours.

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Strategic planning

Critical to a thorough space evaluation process is a strategic plan. We analyze your mission, goals, and daily workflow to develop goals. Considerations include:

  • Your mission: We understand that your space should reflect and enhance your organization’s mission. How does/should your space relate to fundraising, retention, recruiting, daily workflow, programs, events and outreach?
  • Revenue/funding: How is your organization funded? Is it consistent, cyclical, influenced by specific events, etc.? How will this impact your real estate costs?
  • Accounting: What accounting procedures do you use for your real estate costs and furniture/equipment? How are operations funded (revenue, reserves, etc.)?
  • Flexibility: How can the real estate solution provide future flexibility to meet changes to your organization or the broader business climate?

Evaluation process

After establishing goals and developing a strategic plan, our Avison Young professionals help you evaluate your options.

  • Lease versus buy: We understand that this is an important consideration for organizations like yours. We create financial models to help you determine which option makes more sense.
  • Decision makers: Who will be involved in making the real estate decisions? In our experience, the process includes staff, internal committees and/or your Board. We create deliverables and tailor our process to ensure each constituency is part of the process – and ultimate decision.
  • Specialized uses: Whether it’s programming, events, training or client interface, we make sure we advocate for the unique ways in which you may need to use your space.
  • Funders/members: How will funders and/or members view and/or use your space? Our evaluation process keeps these important groups in mind.
  • Your time: We want you to focus on your mission. We work hard to protect your time throughout the process so you can concentrate on your organization and team.

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