Questions for providers

How do I compete?


What is the ideal customer profile? Some factors to consider:​


How does the practice operate?​


How will the practice incorporate telehealth?​

  • Basic demographics (age, gender, ethnicity, income)​
  • Payor type (private insurance vs. Medicare/Medicaid)​
  • Underlying health issues (obesity, diabetes, active vs. sedentary, etc.)​
  • Market saturation – how well are consumers already being served?​
  • General strategy (scale, geography, hospital affiliation, insurance network, etc.)​
  • Reimbursement model (capitated vs. fee-for-service)​
  • Employment model (employment vs. ownership)​
  • Specialization model (referral vs. multi-specialty)
  • Type and percentage of visits​
  • Local vs. extended geographic range of customers​
  • Remote work capability of administrative staff


What other healthcare organizations will complement?​

Location & occupancy​

Where should the practice be?

Buildout & configuration​

What should the space look like?

  • Hospitals, surgery centers, PT/rehab, pharmacies, diagnostics, labs, etc.​
  • Related specialties – nearby, adjacent, or collocated?​
  • Retail amenities (restaurants, shops, etc.)
  • On- vs. off-campus​
  • Lease vs. own​
  • Transit-oriented vs. drivable​
  • Retail conversion, new development, etc.
  • Health (touchless features, natural light, air quality, etc.)​
  • Customer experience (wayfinding, comfort, fit/finish, etc.)​
  • Technology (telehealth setup, online check-in to minimize waiting time and space, etc.)

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