Changing Places: Season One

In season one of Changing Places, we explore the places where we live, work and play a macro-level. From the office to data centers, ghost kitchens, warehouses, and more, host Mariam Sobh sits down with the experts to learn what’s happening now and projected into the future.

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Season one episode list

Episode 1

The new office

Featured guests: Sheila Botting and James Porter

In this episode of Changing Places, host Mariam Sobh talks to Sheila Botting and James Porter as we explore what happens when work from home meets office culture, something many of us have had to contend with for almost two years. And, if eighty percent of workers want to continue working at home in some capacity, what does it really mean for the future of the office?

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Episode 2

Dynamic retail experiences

Featured guests: Stan Yoshihara and Jeff Doud

Host Mariam Sobh talks with Jeff Doud and Stan Yoshihara about the world of dynamic retail experiences. From visiting Little Tokyo, where the dynamic experience is baked into its DNA, to the AT&T store at 1 Powell Street in San Francisco, where the dynamic experience was created with intention, no two experiences are the same in the world of dynamic retail experiences.

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Episode 3

Designing a modern stadium

Featured guests: Gerard McCallum and Mia Lehrer

Host Mariam Sobh talks with developer Gerard McCallum and landscape architect Mia Lehrer. Explore what happens when empty lots and vacant land are turned into the most technologically advanced sports stadium and urban complex in the world: SoFi Stadium.

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Episode 4

Reopening night

Featured guests: James Williams and Chris Dumas

Host Mariam Sobh talks with theatre CEO James Williams and arts and culture space strategist Chris Dumas on what happens now as theaters across London's West End re-open after one of the longest mass closures in history. As we return to our seats, what has changed, what remains the same and what can we expect from live shows in the years to come?

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Episode 5

The new warehouses

Featured guests: Jeff Miller and Erik Foster

Highways, freeways, and country roads around the world are dotted with them, but few people have ever paid attention to them or been inside of them. The warehouse is one of the titans of our world, but few people have been inside of them with even fewer who understand their place and function in our everyday lives. In this episode of Changing Places, we're throwing open the doors of the warehouses...the real sleeping giants of our world.

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Episode 6

The changing face of malls

Featured guests: Sarah Cafaro and Mark Cohen

What is the future of shopping malls? Since their creation in the mid-1950s, they have had many lives -- from concert venues for pop stars in the 1980s to schools and medical facilities in the 21st century. However, as our world continues to evolve, so have our relationships with one of the biggest physical spaces where the desires of the consumer and retailer collide in a symphony of commerce. As every aspect of life enters a new reality, it's time to re-examine our relationships with the shopping mall, and what it means for our communities, our local economies, and the future of retail.

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Episode 7

The changing business of ports

Featured guests: Michael Farrell, Dan Smith and Erik Stromberg

Host Mariam Sobh speaks to the experts who can help us make sense of ports, their place in the world, and why they're doing everything they can to meet the current moment: Avison Young's Michael Farrell, Port of Vancouver's Dan Smith, and Lamar University Center for the Advances in Port Management's Erik Stromberg.

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Episode 8

Hotels battle back

Featured guests: Richard Gaunt and Paul Wells

Join host Mariam Sobh as she talks to experts Richard Gaunt, Principal, Hotels and hospitality at Avison Young and Paul Wells, Partner at architecture firm Dexter Moren Associates about the current state and future of hotels, travel and all things hospitality.

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Episode 9

Dine on demand

Featured guests: Martin Mikaitis and Amrit Maharaj

Host Mariam Sobh discusses the latest restaurant, dining, and delivery trends with Avison Young's Martin Mikaitis and Amrit Maharaj, Chief Operating Officer at Coho Collective, Inc., a company that specializes in ghost kitchen development.

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Episode 10

Flex space

Featured guests: Jillian Brown, Stephanie Manley, and Antti Tuomela

Host Mariam Sobh discusses the latest in flexible space offerings and market demands with Avison Young's Jillian Brown, Spacent, Ltd.'s Antti Tuomela, and Studio by Tishman Speyer’s Stephanie Manley.

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Episode 11

Beyond the server

Featured guests: Michael Rechtin and Rob Walters

Host Mariam Sobh explores what the future holds for data centers as technology only becomes a more prevalent part of our days with experts Michael Rechtin, Partner of Real Estate at Seyfarth Shaw LLP and Rob Walters, Principal, Data Centers Sales and Leasing at Avison Young.

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Episode 12

The built world meets sustainability

Featured guests: Jonathan Gibson and Nico Larco

Host Mariam Sobh discusses the steps cities, suburbs, corporations and individuals can take toward a more sustainable future with Avison Young Global Director of ESG Jonathan Gibson and University of Oregon Associate Professor Nico Larco.

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