Workplace quality matters

The Leesman Lmi1, a functionality and effectiveness score that is calculated for every workplace measured, can provide substantive insights into the value of workplace quality.

The key takeaway from this study is that workplace quality drives value for all stakeholders: employees, employers, and our shared communities.

The X Factor

quality principles

So how do we create a high-performance workplace? Our X-Factor solution identifies several key guiding principles:

With this guiding framework, the next step is to develop a design philosophy that considers:

Virtual employee experience

The virtual employee experience has become paramount. Now, employees are largely fully functional when they work from home and embrace the wide range of technology-based work solutions to be effective and efficient. Organizations will have key questions to consider along the virtual employee user journey as it evolves, including:

  • What components do your employees require to work effectively in a remote setting?
  • Are there appropriate human resources policies to incorporate flexible work arrangements?
  • Is the appropriate technology available, including seamless connectivity, laptop, mobile phones, etc.?
  • Will your organization offer a stipend for home office furniture and equipment? If so, under what circumstances and financial arrangements?
  • Do you have an employee engagement program to connect people virtually on a regular basis with their teams, organization, stakeholders and others?
  • What is the employee journey through the virtual workplace experience?
  • What features distinguish your organization to attract and retain top talent?

Physical in-office employee experience

The physical employee experience starts with understanding space requirements, and these are typically documented in a space utilization program that considers a wide range of spaces and is calibrated to a specific organization and unique employee workstyles. The program is completed by professionals with a deep understanding of many organizations that can recognize opportunities to increase productivity and engagement through space design.

Space utilization program

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Space planning

kit of parts

Attractive, dynamic workplaces embrace multiple settings to encourage employees to bring their whole selves to work, fostering overall engagement and productivity.




A technology program needs to be developed to accompany the virtual and physical space program, ensuring that each factor is carefully considered.


Smart workplaces

and buildings

Smart workplaces and buildings are digitally connected structures that combine optimized building automation with intelligent space management.



Wellness is an increasing requirement for the modern workplace, as employees demand opportunities to balance their overall health alongside their professional goals.



Innovation in the workplace is required to foster creativity and engagement across the organization.


ESG Principles

ESG goals need to be embedded across a holistic workplace program, ensuring that sustainable procurement and operating practices are addressed on an ongoing basis.


D&I initiatives

Avison Young believes that thoughtful attention to the physical space design and construction can be a positive contributor for D&I initiatives in a way that is supportive to the range of employee needs and creates greater equity across the workplace.

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