Weekly Newsletter Sep 14, 2020

14 Sep 2020

Last week we spoke with our friend & colleague Tamir Leon, an applied anthropologist. His words and ideas so greatly fascinated us that we want to share them with you.
In August 2000, 82% of managers in the USA stated their intent to transition to a hybrid work model and are working towards it. The hybrid train had left the station.
Clear advantages: Large savings in resources, happier employees, higher company loyalty, and possibly even more efficient outputs. An advantage when recruiting talented young workers, women, and even minorities since cultural differences manifest less via the screen. There is also a strong ecological value due to less traveling.
And the disadvantages: The sense of isolation among employees working from home, the complexity in supervising employees, a transition period of two to three years to assimilate processes, a certain level of turnover in human resources to those more suited to working from home.
But the real challenge in switching to the hybrid world is the damage caused to the employees’ level of cohesiveness. Long term studies over years repeatedly prove that in fact, the level of cohesion is a variable of direct impact on worker satisfaction, creativity, outputs, and on preserving them in the workplace. Although the relationship with the direct manager takes a higher priority, this variable of cohesiveness wields the strongest influence on employees and therefore, on a company’s long-term performance.
As such, the first and most important stage in examining the transition to a hybrid work model is conducting research on the organization’s level of cohesiveness.  This research, which should be both qualitative and quantitative, is then compiled into the company cohesiveness report.
The report’s results enable reaching a decision on a company’s potential for hybridity. The report is a vital aspect in the process because it determines the scope of distance workers that a company can allow itself without harming its level of cohesiveness.
Practical applications of a company cohesiveness report manifest in three areas:

  1. A decision on which hybrid model the company should choose. Currently, 4 primary models exist, differentiated by the level of freedom given to the employee.
  2. Adaptation of work routines to the chosen hybrid employment model. 
  3. Adaptation of the physical space. Planning the space is carried out based on the nature of the company’s cohesiveness. Spatial planning takes the nature of a company’s cohesiveness into account and produces an organizational cultural delineation, which becomes the architect’s guidelines.

The hybrid model is assimilated in stages and under supervision to ensure its outcomes.
Research and implementation are conducted using the leading global functions and provide business organizations with a one stop shop platform including oversight and audit up to the final stage of full assimilation.
Your organization gets to enjoy a complete service which combines data and parameters from diverse disciplines to cover all aspects of hybrid transitioning and assimilation. Contact us:  http://thehybridwork.com/en/

The process of moving to hybrid work can either destroy  a great organization or be the most accurate decision for it. If you would like to hear more, forward this post to the VP of Operations / HR at your company, no matter its size,  and get the first tip from Tamir by mailing him at: [email protected]
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