Weekly Newsletter Aug 24, 2020

24 Aug 2020

In the year 2005, Rina Frank published the book "Every House Needs a Balcony". In 2020 and thereafter, every office building needs a flexible workspace, not necessarily in the “WeWork” sense.
In the dynamic and incoherent situation of today, many companies, especially Fortune 100 companies, (every landlord wants to lease space to them) are considering and already implementing remote work, hybrid work of two days a week from home and are targeting office space for  "average demand" of 60% occupancy. At the same time, they would like the landlord to give them a solution also for "peak demand" were more people will come to the office.
Landlords who wants to meet these requirements will need to create in their buildings about 20 to 30 percent of flexible workspaces, which will be used by the companies that populate the building, for shorter periods than the traditional contracts and for periods of days or months. This situation will give the companies the comfort they need and will create an advantage for the developer in populating the building.
Having said that, it's time to think and redefine the term “my office” because part of it will be in the flexible workspace.
We will be happy to share with you our thoughts, knowledge, and years of experience in that field.


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