Weekly Newsletter Aug 3, 2020

3 Aug 2020

The Swiss cheese method for coming back to office and elsewhere ...

Let's imagine a KN95 mask represents one slice of Swiss cheese and let's assume that it represents the percentage of protection against the virus. Not 100% protection, but some protection, because as the saying goes -  better than nothing. 
If our office colleague respects us, wants to protect himself and wears a mask too, then we have two slices of cheese and the protection is higher. Social distancing of two meters – a third slice, the fourth is alcogel , increased hand washing frequency, measuring temperature at the entrance to the office, gloves, avoiding contact with public surfaces, more fresh air in the building, partitions between workspaces, using Zoom, etc. ... The concept is clear.
Apparently, until discovering the vaccine we will not be able to achieve 100% bulletproof protection from the virus, but the more layers around us, the safer, less tense, more productive and happier we are.
At Avison Young – Propertech, the health and well-being of our real estate professionals, their families and our clients are at the forefront of our minds. We will do everything necessary to make the slices amass to one effective block of Swiss cheese.
.Think about it every morning, when you step out to your day 

Big wins AY – Propertech

Represented health care insurance company in the leasing of 7,530 sf of clinic space in a neighborhood commercial center  (Tenant Representation).

Around the glob – Big wins Avison Young :

Industrial Team Represent Purchaser In $15.8M Building Sale in Canada. 


Israeli commercial real estate deals

  • HAREL INSURANSE joins BROOKFIELD for real estate investments in Europe. Will invest $230 million.
  • FATTAL PROPERTIES (EUROPE) LTD is selling its hotel in Berlin for €57 million. 
  • INTEL renting four more floors in Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Center despite pandemic real-estate crunch(Calcalist).
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Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

  • For sale 2,200M2 commercial building in Petah Tikva, in the center of Israel.
  • For sale two floors (2,300M2) out of five, in a comercial building in the center of Tel Aviv.
  • For Sale in Tel Aviv 600M2 floor, (one out of 4) + 13 parking spaces.

  • For lease, in Holon till 1,500M2 office space, high floors.
  • For lease, in Alon Tower Tel Aviv 156M2 office space, high floor, 5 rooms.
  • For lease, in  Or Yehuda, 600M2 office space ready to occupy.
  • For lease, in Petah Tikva 1,700M2 office space ready to occupy.
  • For lease  in Kadima, commercial units in a new neighborhood commercial center.
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