2024 Drivers of Change

The world around us is in a perpetual state of flux, from rising interest rates to extreme weather conditions. But without change, there is no growth, no innovation and no progress.

In this series, we explore the drivers of change impacting our cities and places, and propelling us forward to adapt, learn and take advantage of the opportunities they present.

Positioning for an upturn

The sharp rise for interest rates in the last two years has caused price corrections across real estate markets around the world, with all the main sectors impacted to some degree. This has partly sparked a crisis of confidence.

2024 looks set to be a turning point year in our opinion, and here we look at the major factors to watch as investors react to changing conditions.

Published Tuesday, January 30

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Heat-resilient cities

The urban heat island effect (combined with record-breaking city heat) poses risks to tenants and buildings, but innovative solutions abound.Our spotlight on Arizona explores the ways cities are adapting to change.

Published Tuesday, February 6

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Attainable housing

We are amid a major housing crisis. Rising rents and home costs are placing a diminishing supply of housing options out of reach for many low- and middle-income households. Often assumed to be an issue with social, subsidized or government-funded housing, our latest data reveals concerning challenges across a much wider spectrum of income levels.

Published Tuesday, February 13

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The rise of natural capital

In our search for a global lifeline, we are rapidly understanding the importance of protecting our natural environment and the value it brings to society, both economically and socially. Our appreciation of environmental value has filtered through into the decisions we make and is now known as one of the five capitals to consider for any sustainable project.

Published Tuesday, February 20

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Rising insurance rates' impact on CRE

Insuring commercial properties has become increasingly expensive for property owners in recent years, and severe weather is now skyrocketing premiums at an alarming pace. We explore the potential road ahead for CRE.

Published Tuesday, February 27


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Manufacturing trends

Regardless of the state of the world, we still need our stuff.  In 2024, what lessons are we taking from global supply chain trends, government credits and incentives, and rising materials costs impacting construction? We explore.

This story will be published Tuesday, March 5

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Trends shaping our cities

Through exploring a range of impactful public-private partnerships geared towards enhancing social value, we delve into the key priorities and perspectives for city leaders determined to unlock new growth and impact in the post-pandemic era.

This story will be published Tuesday, March 12

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While we speculate on the full scale of impact that artificial intelligence will bring to commercial real estate, we are already seeing incredible outcomes in our own tools and workflow. Let’s go behind the scenes to see some early learnings from the front-edge.

This story will be published Tuesday, March 19

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Retail experiences

From axe throwing and the myriad of competitive networking concepts, to food halls, fitness centers, and the return of Barnes and Noble, we are seeing new anchors and new life brought into empty spaces.

This story will be published Tuesday, March 26

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Worker as consumer

As offices and workplaces evolve their strategies, footprints, amenities, and policies, we explore a thriving workplace experience and investigate how retail thinking might inspire the brick-and-mortar work environments that we all want to be in. 

This story will be published Tuesday, April 2

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