Global Citizenship


Global Citizenship is the umbrella name of our corporate social responsibility, sustainability and philanthropy strategy. The goal is to bring us closer to our clients, by helping them identify and act upon emerging environmental and social issues, while ensuring our culture remains focused on excellence and integrity.

Avison Young’s culture and philosophy are rooted in the values of our clients and employees. We are proud of our traditions of environmental consciousness and community participation. Global Citizenship strengthens our strategy, services and culture, and helps us expand our ability to serve our clients.


Helping Clients Achieve Excellence

By providing our clients with industry-leading strategies that work, we help them achieve excellence by integrating sustainability into their financial, operational, and cultural goals.


Delivering Our Difference

Customer-focused and Principal-led, we are accountable beyond individual assignments and transactions to demonstrate leadership in corporate social responsibility and sustainability that further aligns our company with the long-term needs of our clients.


Achieving Operational Excellence

By aiming for the highest achievable standards in sustainable operations, we set an example that demonstrates our commitment and capabilities, which ultimately contributes to our bottom line.


Supporting Our Communities

We believe our activities and the actions of our people should always have a net positive impact on our communities. At both the corporate and individual levels, Avison Young actively contributes resources to improve the communities where we do business.


Creating a Culture of Excellence

We “deliver different” by supporting a culture of excellence that enables us to attract, retain and develop the best people in our industry. In turn, this allows us to achieve the vision described by the Five Pillars of our culture.

For more information about our Global Citizenship initiatives, please contact:

Rodney McDonald, CMC, LEED AP

Principal 416.673.4059