Business Approach and Vision

Business Approach and Vision

A New Approach to Our Business

Real estate decisions in today’s business environment are complex, expensive and often cut across geographies and operations. For both investors and occupiers, real estate strategies require long-term commitments for successful outcomes.

The challenge for many clients lies in the alignment of their interests with those of their providers. Relationships have traditionally been driven, and measured, by the transaction event. Often, service providers have been defined by geographic or service line silos. Our approach is different.

Avison Young’s Approach

At Avison Young, we have re-engineered the traditional "command and control" real estate organization. Instead, we have designed our corporate structure to enhance collaboration and facilitate innovative, best-in-class, client-centric solutions. We have eliminated service line silos, streamlined our infrastructure and identified best-in-class external resources to develop the widest possible toolkit for our clients. Because we are principal-managed, which means the people who own our firm are responsible for your business, you benefit from the commitment and accountability that only comes from dealing with an owner. Avison Young is focused on providing owners and occupiers with more holistic, integrated client solutions. The company is organized around clients, with producer incentives and company finances centered on long-term value creation.

Integrated Platform, Integrated Solutions

Our integrated platform ensures knowledge and expertise are drawn from the breadth of our capabilities and applied to your real estate requirements. Avison Young organizes our business around you, bringing together the resources you need to create a best-in-class solution for your enterprise. Most importantly, our focus is on the “Client Needs”, for both long-term performance for our clients and returns for our shareholders.

Avison Young Client Services Model

Whether you are a user/occupier or an owner/investor, Avison Young is organized to deliver truly integrated solutions to meet your unique requirements. 

Our Vision

To build the leading global real estate solutions company by aligning the interests and needs of clients with the superior skill sets and intellectual capital of our professionals, using a unique and transformational delivery structure.